How to Win More Customers through Interactivity

This is because this is a method that helps a lot in the engagement and optimization of marketing actions, brings together and brings a better understanding of the needs and tastes of the audience, as well as making the brand more available to users.

Customer experience is very important, especially when making a purchase decision. Thus, companies need to pay special attention to the relationship and purchase process to achieve excellent results.

Modern consumers don’t like companies that treat them as mere numbers on a spreadsheet, preferring those that prioritize personalized and humane treatment.

Thus, it is important to have an understanding of consumers, their tastes and habits. That’s because this detail helps guide marketing and content strategies.

In the case of strategies focused on content marketing, the actions aim to create a relationship of trust between the brand and the persona (representation of the ideal customer), attracting this user and then converting him into a lead and a customer, effectively.

That said, developing interactive and attractive experiences are ways to outperform market competitors, win over customers, inform and gain consumer trust, standing out in the segment in which it operates – regardless of what it is.

It is at this point that interactive marketing can be incorporated into the company’s planning. With some elements of interactivity it is possible to optimize some stages of the sales funnel.

In this way, understanding the concept and how to apply it is the way to be able to use the strategies in an air conditioning company , and in others from different segments.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing consists of a set of strategies that aim to encourage the persona to interact with the brand, creating a scenario for attracting, nurturing and converting leads and establishing a “conversation”.

This is a great way to improve customer engagement, boosting and at the same time providing a great experience.

The idea of ​​interactivity is to always place the customer at the center of the processes carried out by the company, generating a positive feeling of collaboration and inclusion.

In this way, it is possible to dialogue with the persona and leave them in a position where they feel in control of the experience, something that generates great results.

An example of this is showing the production of a new line of clothing on social networks and inviting users to mark the types of pieces that are of most interest to the new collection.

The advantages of interactive marketing are not restricted to the brand-customer factor. Strategies help a lot in the strategic development, for example, of your custom envelope company – and also in other areas.

How can Interactive Marketing Strategies can be Useful in Business?

Interactive marketing strategies focus on exchanging information with the audience.

To incorporate the techniques into your business, it is important to understand that the brand is not in control of consumer relationships.

In marketing 4.0, the public is at the top of the market hierarchy, something that allows to dictate trends, either directly or indirectly.

The secret to being successful with strategies is knowing the persona ‘s preferences , so it will be easier to create an approach based on their interests, but directing to the business objectives.

In interactive marketing, actions are based on exchanges in which the role of sender and receiver are reversed, enabling more horizontal communication.

The more the persona interacts with the brand, the greater the possibility of trust growth and development. With this, the process of collecting data on shopping frequency, consumption habits, lifestyle and preferences becomes simpler.

To reach this level, companies need to focus on intelligent dialogues, offering advantages before asking consumers to fill out forms, for example.

Another option is to think of unforgettable experiences, users will have memories and can develop a good relationship with the brand.

It is by exchanging information with consumers that structured cabling companies can improve their products and services, meeting customer needs and expectations and improving engagement in communication channels.

The same process will take place in other market segments, which can evaluate interactions to optimize contact processes and services offered.

Interactivity tends to be etched in customers’ memory, so investing in this strategy is an excellent way to have good business results, as it favors experience and affective memory.

In this way, opening a space for the public to participate and feel part of the actions and different processes helps them to feel valued and, consequently, to prefer the brand. After all, she cares about providing an excellent experience.

Benefits of Interactive Marketing

There are many benefits to investing in interactive marketing. The main ones are:


It is important to ensure that customers have positive experiences and interactions and receive friendly treatment. This increases the chances of good results.

Customers can report their experiences with the brand, something that allows them to follow and nurture a positive relationship with the company, in addition to promoting the company’s products and services on social networks and in conversations with friends/family.

That is, they interact more and encourage their social circles to do the same.

Database Optimization

Having more information about your audience and persona increases the chances of meeting people’s expectations and creating more effective actions.

That said, the decision-making process becomes more practical and allows surprising with consistent improvements, helping the company’s results, in addition to facilitating business risk management .


When a potential customer stays longer on the site, focused on answering a quiz or providing data on a landing page , it is possible for them to search for other information and thus stay more informed.


Customers who are valued come to trust more in the brand they chose to relate to.

Trust is the basis of a good relationship and can impact brand loyalty processes.

Customer Appreciation

By creating a relationship space through interactive marketing, it allows the consumer to realize that the brand does not treat him as just another customer.

So he has the feeling of being heard and receives the attention he deserves, something that helps in the growth of the company and in the return of that customer.

Types of Interactive Content that can Help Business

Knowing some interactive content that can be used is a way to be able to develop strategies that facilitate conversion more clearly.

Interactive contents are those that convey a lot of information, but depend on the action of the reader, so they generate great engagement.

For this, they can point out personalized data according to the interests of those who interact and are considered innovative. Some of its features are:

  • Allows gamification;
  • Perishability;
  • Potential to go viral;
  • Innovative;
  • May have attractive graphics;
  • It’s simple;
  • Stimulates emotions.

The interactive content that is produced for the purchase decision phase helps to capture the attention of leads at a crucial moment in the purchase journey, so it has a strategic role and must have relevant information for that moment.

The main content formats consist of interactive landing pages , surveys, maps and interactive videos, games, live demos, calculators and quizzes .

These are formats that can help a concierge company and others from different areas to carry out the conversion processes.

In order for them to be qualified, professionals need to consider factors such as who the persona of their business is, the demands and current reality when creating content.

In addition, it is necessary to consider how products and services can help with the needs of personas and what is the best content format to provide a good communication experience and evidence this assistance, promoting interactions.

Regarding strategy, you need to consider what your company’s goals and objectives are and how to improve customer relationships to gain more credibility, boost engagement and conversion rates.

Finally, it is crucial to define the success indicators that can help in the performance analysis of strategies.

How to put Interactive Marketing into Practice?

To implement interactive marketing strategies for your brand, whether you are a voltage transformer supplier or a retailer, professionals can create:

Frequent conversations on social networks

Having a presence on social media is very important for brands that want to have more customers and encourage interaction.

Networks are excellent communication channels and allow you to bring leads closer to posts, increasing the level of interaction.

In this way, staying present on the networks, with good interactivity and quality support are ways to win the trust of customers.

Offer a quiz

The habit of answering various quizzes and tests on different subjects are actions that have grown in recent years.

This tool is excellent entertainment as people are always wanting to know what suits them best.

So exploring and developing a quiz is a great way to promote interactivity to your audience and can help with sales of Christian children’s books and other miscellaneous products.

Promote Lives

Lives are a feature present on various social networks and companies can use them to talk to their audience in real time.

This action promotes a moment to clarify doubts, so that people get to know all the products and services, among other possibilities.

Therefore, investing in interactive marketing strategies is the way for companies in different segments, such as evaporative coolers , to win more customers by offering incredible experiences and quality products. With that the brand conquers more space in the market.

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