Content Marketing: Learn How It Can Help Attract More Customers

This action is not intended to promote the brand, but is capable of attracting the public and solving people’s problems.

In fact, digital marketing has become a necessity for organizations, being an indispensable investment for any company that wants to impact the right audience.

In other words, any brand that wants to stay relevant to its audience needs to build a good online presence.

Companies need to be on the internet, but also know how to position themselves within it, as this is how they will gain the public’s attention and stand out among their competitors.

Corporations need to adopt good strategies to win over consumers, and one of the most used is content marketing. But, to take advantage of all the advantages brought by it, it is necessary to know how to apply it.

With that in mind, in this article, we will address some important points on this subject to clarify all your doubts.

You will learn what content marketing is, why it is important, and how it can help companies gain more customers.

Content Marketing: What is it all about?

Content marketing is a strategy designed to engage the public and increase the number of customers and potential customers through relevant and valuable materials.

In this way, it is possible to attract people’s attention, generate value for the audience and also create a positive perception of the brand, attracting more business opportunities.

But to apply this strategy, a fine dry wine brand must understand that people are no longer convinced about a product or service, just with a TV advertisement.

The modern consumer wants to know everything about companies and establish a relationship of trust with them, in order to buy the products and services they offer.

In this sense, it is necessary to create content that offers some benefit to readers, clarify their doubts, solve their problems, and so on.

The material needs to convey a message to the audience at a time when people need it most. Consequently, the brand exceeds expectations, promotes something of value and that will be shared.

However, to work, it is necessary to follow the five steps that are part of content marketing planning. Are they:

  • Planning;
  • Persona development;
  • Content creation;
  • Distribution;
  • Analysis of results.

The first step is to make the plan clear, show which professionals are responsible for the tasks and how they help to achieve the goal.

In addition, a commercial freight moving company must also go through the second stage, in order to develop the ideal customer profile and direct all content produced to that profile.

Finally comes the stage of content creation, which can take different formats, such as videos, texts, images, among other possibilities.

Once ready, they need to be promoted on different channels, as in the case of social networks, where you can easily share.

Finally, it comes to the results measurement stage, which serves to analyze what needs to be improved and what really works.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is important for several reasons. One of them is the fact that it manages to considerably reduce the costs of promoting the brand.

Many aspects have changed since digital marketing became part of business planning, mainly the fact that it is accessible to any size of company, unlike traditional marketing.

To give you an idea, according to a survey conducted by Demand Metric , content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing, although it helps generate many more leads .

Through it, a personalized sportswear production also manages to relate better with customers.

This happens because this type of strategy is less intrusive and, instead of interrupting the customer with advertisements, it seeks to bring information and clarify their doubts.

Over time, they develop a healthy and positive relationship, making consumers feel more valued by companies.

As a result, it becomes easier to retain them, and from there they come back to buy more often and talk about the brand with other people.

Content marketing also helps to increase traffic on companies’ websites. The brands that invest in this action receive, on average, 2.2 times more visits than the others.

So, if a façade cleaning company publishes 13 pieces of content per month, the amount of visitors can increase by more than 4 times.

The practice also improves the branding of the brand, therefore, it makes the public have a better perception of the company.

It will always be present in people’s minds and will be remembered when there is a need to buy, and this happens because the relationship between trust has already been established.

While the purpose of content marketing is not to sell, it does make selling a natural consequence.

Research conducted by Hubspot showed that consumers spend about 50% of their time consuming content before buying something.

How to Attract Customers?

Content marketing only offers all the strategies we showed you earlier if it’s applied in the right way, and that’s how it will attract customers. Among the main actions are:

1 – Offer details on the subject

It’s not today that we know that Google likes detailed materials. Therefore, when creating the materials, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details on the subject.

For example, if you are going to present building painting tips , the brand needs to do extensive research on the topic and create an article that has, on average, 2,000 words.

Constantly publishing in-depth articles improves the platform’s traffic in search results, however, one option is also getting social shares and growing the business on the web.

If the intention is to sell, according to research by Marketing Experiments , it has shown that a longer sales pitch is capable of increasing conversion by 30%, than short pitches on the company’s website.

To write detailed material, you need to choose a topic and study it deeply, create a title with a long-tail keyword, research recent information, and add images.

2 – Test call buttons

A call to action, also known as a call to action (CTA), is a phrase or link used to increase conversions by directing users to accomplish something the company wants.

A commercial awning manufacturer can increase the conversion rate by 13% by testing call buttons, which helps attract more customers.

Experts say it represents a critical point between conversion and rejection, so if the company doesn’t want readers to abandon the landing page , it needs to test call-to-action shapes, sizes, and colors.

This test can be created in several ways and the objective is to improve the performance of the strategy.

3 – Invest in a personal approach

It is essential to write texts that speak directly to the reader, as this is how they will connect closely with the company.

In other words, a school that offers an iphone maintenance course must speak directly to its readers, directing the content to them and reducing the distance between the brand and the public.

4 – Show quantitative data

We know that content marketing is an important investment these days, being about 41% cheaper than paid strategies, such as sponsored links.

However, the estimate is that in 3 years it will be able to generate 300% more leads than paid actions.

The consumer trusts, however, who proves the facts through numbers. In other words, it is necessary to base what is said, always using reliable sources to do so.

5 – Use SEO strategies

Ultimately, content marketing will attract more customers if you rely on SEO strategies, but for that you need to determine what customers are looking for, integrate the words into the content, and write a compelling meta title.

Therefore, a Roman blind installation company must link to relevant pages from its website, include social sharing buttons and keep track of the strategies used by competitors.

Final considerations

Content marketing is a strategy that, like no other, is able to build a positive image and bring more credibility to the brand.

Although its focus is not to attract customers, there are greater possibilities of obtaining these results since the materials talk about subjects of interest to the public and clarify all their doubts.

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