10 Exercises to Learn How to Speak in Public | Overcome your Fears!

You have invested hours in your final project and you feel happy with the results. But, when you think that you have to expose yourself in front of other people, insomnia takes over you because you don’t know how to speak in public without turning tomato. Does it ring a bell?

That fear is the most normal, because nobody likes to make a fool of themselves . And, as we have all been through an uncomfortable situation of “stage fright”, we have prepared a list of tips and advice for you to master the art of how to speak in public without your voice breaking or making you want to run from the stage.

Shall we start? ✅

10 tips to Speak in Public without Dying Trying

It is very common that there is fear of exposure on a smaller or larger scale, that is, the fear can come not only from not knowing how to speak in public in an auditorium , but even your own classmates or work can scare you? .

In the end, no one is born with public speaking skills, but they can be developed.

Mastering these public speaking exercises will help you in various areas of your life.

For example, expressing yourself confidently at school will help you stand out; at work it will make you an employee who captures the attention of others; can also give you points with your flirt and their friends; Even in your business , it will be key to achieving those extra sales that help you earn more money. ?

For this, write down the following tips that will make you speak in public without fear. Go for it!

1. Use Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

One of the best tips we will give you for today and forever is: breathe! At first glance, it seems like a somewhat obvious recommendation, but it is not!

When tension is present we tend to tighten our muscles and oxygenation is interrupted, and instead of relaxing, it can cause us more anxiety . ?

Not oxygenating normally decreases mental acuity , which can cause speech problems, memory failure or even talk like Porky Pig? “That, that, that’s all folks . ”

2. Practice Imagination Exercises

The second great tip to speak in public without fear is: learn to imagine . Why? Well, there are many reasons for this advice.

To begin with, it is important that you have mental images of what you are saying every time you speak, as this will make you communicate very confidently and follow a clear order. Also, that will take your mind off your nerves and make people pay attention to what you want to convey.

? Do you remember your Literature or History teacher, who narrated as if you were watching movies? Well, that’s because your teachers had a tremendous ability to imagine , and it was this that made you understand their stories.

So, if you want others to have the same information as you, let your imagination and creativity run wild.

3. Be Confident in What You Do

This is another great life tip: be confident in what you do . To speak in public without fear, the most important thing is that you are clear about the reasons for doing so.

Do you want to expose your research work? Do you want to sell an idea in your work? Have they asked you as part of your final delivery? Do you need to capture the attention of your customers ?

? Whatever your reason, it is very important that you have it clear, both the “why” you do it and the “what” you are going to expose. This security will be given to you, in large part, by what you have studied, since your mastery of the subject on which you will speak depends on this .

Knowledge will always be the key to gaining confidence , so study and fully understand what you want to say, so that you have control of the situation. Think that those who listen to you must believe that you are telling your dream, to that degree you must know the subject!

4. Keep your Eyes on the Prize

In the previous tip, we told you that it is important for you to know the reasons why you want or need to speak in public. Another great tip that we can tell you is not to lose sight of where you want to go with your speech .

Whether to impress your clients or your teacher, then, in addition to mastering the subject, you must be alert to reactions or possible questions that may arise. It will always help to go one step ahead and, for that, there is nothing better than putting yourself in the other’s shoes.

? Think : what doubts can I have if they tell me about this? What information could be missing? Write your speech and improve it until it clears up all your doubts, and you, playing the spectator, are satisfied.

5. Learn the Use of Corporal Expression

One of the most frequent tips that the best speakers share to speak in public is to master the management of body language. Do you know the reasons?

? In addition to words, we can communicate many things with our body , and by that we mean gestures and postures that we do consciously or unconsciously.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you watch some tutorials on body expression and what are the ways in which your body can help you express yourself eloquently. In addition, the good management of your corporality will be an impulse to capture the attention of your interlocutors.

6. Generate Interest in What you are Going to Expose

Let’s go back to your history teacher, the one who always had everyone with their mouths open. He will be our example to give you this tip to speak in public: there is nothing like telling things personally, because storytelling always generates interest.

Surely you remember the horrible exposure of your little partner «X» ?‍♂️ who decided to learn his speech as a little robot. Or, the other talk of «Juanita»?‍♀️ that he, worse still, he took out a piece of paper and began to read the information that he had to give. If you think about it, he could have created distractions and this is due to the impersonality of said exhibitions .

➡️ It’s important that you always appropriate the information. That is to say, that you tell it as you understand it —for this, remember that you must have absolute knowledge of the matter— and that you are aware of the people you are addressing. To that extent, you will know what may be generating interest and go that way.

7. Establish a Bond with the Viewer

At this point, establishing a bond with your viewers is essential. Sometimes we believe that not looking at people decreases our level of nervousness, but that leads to more mistakes than successes. In fact, it is very annoying when people do not look at you when you speak and it creates distractions.

The best thing you can do is breathe, speak softly and begin to create bonds with others , either with a simple look, a smile or you can even ask questions or answer doubts that arise.

➡️ The idea is that others feel your closeness and trust when speaking and be empathic with you. You can enjoy when people, even if you don’t know them, integrate you into what they are talking about. In the end, we are people, not machines! ?

8. Allow Natural Silences and Pauses

Public speaking also means allowing natural cadences and silences . Breathing naturally, generating a bond with the viewer, speaking naturally… everything is linked, and just like this, silences are fundamental.

Of course, you are not going to pause for five hours because you forgot something, on the contrary, you will do it to take the necessary time to breathe, to think before speaking , and to enjoy what you say and present. ?

Don’t be afraid of it, you don’t need to talk like a nonsense parrot. ? Instead, give others time to understand what you’re saying and take a breath from time to time. Everyone will thank you.

9. Accept that Mistakes Happen

You’ve even done a rehearsal of how your exhibition will be in public. You already dominate your voice, the body, the silences, the subject that you will present… everything. And nothing, nothing can go wrong… right?

Noooo! Give up perfection right now, because that doesn’t exist. We are human and there are many factors around a talk. Sometimes technical errors can happen or they simply asked you questions that you did not foresee. ❌

Whatever it is, get used to the idea that there will be factors that are not within your control and that you have to accept that mistakes can happen. Take life with more humor and, just as if you were walking down the street and stumbled, learn to get up. ?

➡️ Nothing happens! And we better tell you from now on so that you exercise your mind and do not get frustrated if something does not turn out as expected.

10. Enjoy the Ride

Now yes, the best advice of all has arrived so that you know how to speak in public without succumbing in the attempt: enjoy the journey!

Never lose sight of the possibility of having fun with what you do. If you have a good time, we assure you, others will too. What you think and your mood will be contagious , so enjoy it!

At the end of the day, what will motivate you the most will be the reasons why you do it. Also, even if it was an exhibition of your class, you may find that it will help you gain self-confidence .

Yes, now it may be something to fulfill a subject, but in the future it will be useful if you want to start your own business , since you will already be an expert speaker. So, pave the way and be happy!

We hope that our tips on how to speak in public will make you grow and overcome that horrible feeling of turning red when you stand in front of others. Practice, exercise and do it. The best way is always to try everything and learn.

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