Profitable Businesses to Invest in 2022

The year has already begun and the opportunity to invest in profitable businesses moves many people’s minds. However, this is a great challenge for those who want to start a business : what is the best business to generate profitability for the enterprise? There are many paths available for this. Check out the text and stay on top of the main business models to invest in 2022.

Top Business Models to Invest in 2022

With the social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the consumption relationship has had a major change in the last two years. The great demand of consumers started to be made through delivery services and, with that, the most profitable niches of the market became those made in a virtual way.

Sectors such as food, clothing and accessories, cosmetics, pet items and digital products are among those that most profited from the virtual and delivery model.

Virtual Store

Even with the return of face-to-face activities, one of the profitable business models for 2022 will continue to be e-commerce. Virtual stores should continue to grow and develop positively for a long time. After all, with all the technology available today, it is possible to commercialize all kinds of products digitally.

The great advantage for those who want to start a virtual store is the fact that they do not need a physical location. This type of business model reduces the cost of renting and maintaining space, in addition to considerably expanding the number of consumers that can be captured in the e-commerce model.


Dropshipping is suitable for those who want to set up their own business, but do not have enough resources to implement it. In this business model, the investor acts as an intermediary to sell something, without having to have the product in stock. In fact, whoever invests in this type of sales model becomes a reseller of products from an e-commerce company and monetizes according to sales.

In other words, dropshipping works like this: the customer places the order to the online store and the supplier sends the product to the customer. The profit from the operation is the difference between the amount paid by the customer and the amount paid to the supplier. And the good news is that today we have excellent national dropshipping suppliers , which makes communication between the seller and the supplier much easier, in addition to speeding up delivery to the customer.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to invest in 2022 is affiliate marketing . This profitable business model consists of promoting products on online platforms. This type of business guarantees for each sale completed, a percentage of each product sold.

The business consists of promoting products on social networks and websites online. This type of work does not need a lot of investment and can be very profitable as it can be implemented from anywhere. All you need is a good internet connection and good sales strategies.


Franchising has become a lucrative business for entrepreneurs these days. This could be a way to start a profitable business model in 2022. Franchising is a great option for starting a new venture, especially for those first-time entrepreneurs.

It is necessary to implement a good business plan and prepare to choose the market niche and obtain results with the investment.

And anyone who thinks that a high investment is necessary to work with franchises is wrong, we have several options for cheap franchises that bring a lot of financial return.

Cheap Franchises to Invest in 2022

One of the biggest advantages of investing in franchises is related to the credibility of a brand already consolidated in the market. Right off the bat, this already makes the business very profitable. Another benefit is the support offered by the franchise company, which avoids major problems with suppliers and some bureaucracy. Check out some cheap franchises:


Great option for those who want to start investing in an area of ​​great expansion, with low investment and great probabilities of profitability. The main product offered by the franchisor is the credit and debit card machine (POS). The Acqio franchise offers two business models: the Home Franchise, with low investment and quick return – and the Master Franchise, with a medium-term investment value and payback time.


High-tech fintech that provides a franchise of smart electronic devices that unite the fastest growing segments today: delivery and payment methods. Digital technology offers low investment and high profitability, without the need for a fixed point and employees. The franchisee receives training and support to start operating with a low investment.

Bread Award

Company specialized in the commercialization of advertising on bread bags, promoting brands and products on the packaging. Franchise investment is cheap and can provide great results. The franchisee profits from the sale of advertising space on the bread bags.


It offers cloud-based business management software (ERP) aimed at agribusiness, wholesale and retail, in addition to other services. It covers all areas from inventory, finance, accounting and management. The franchisee earns from the sale of these services.


The company that operates in a virtual way and offers national and imported cosmetics. The franchisees’ job is to promote and sell throughout the country The great advantage of the franchise model is not having to stock products and being able to work whenever and wherever you want.

Subscription Clubs

Since 2017, subscription clubs have managed to gain prominence in the e-commerce market. They provide convenience and surprise in the selection of exclusive items for their subscribers.

This business model goes through a process of innovation and modernization every day, always bringing news to entertain consumers eager to open their box.

According to ABcom, subscription clubs moved around R$1 billion in the last year alone. For anyone looking to start a profitable business, membership clubs are a great investment.

Pet Market

The pet market had significant growth in 2020 and 2021. With social isolation, pets have become inseparable companions. Due to the fact that everyone is more at home, the number of adoptions and the interest of consumers in taking good care of their pets has increased considerably.

Investing in dressage, bathing and grooming for pets, accessories for dogs and cats and natural pet food are great investments for anyone looking to start a new business.

The virtual environment is also an excellent way to increase the reach of pet products faster and with greater consumer reach.


Another profitable business idea is the production and marketing of infoproducts. The digital products industry has grown considerably in recent years and it seems that it will continue to grow in the coming years.

Now may be the time to invest in the online business world and work with music sales, videos, e-books, online courses and digital consulting services .

The infoproducts niche is a great opportunity for anyone looking for profitable business, since the product is created only once and the profit appears when someone downloads the item.

Tips to Make your Business Grow Faster

Discovering how to make your business grow is one of the challenges that are part of an entrepreneur’s life. Having good planning and good financial management are the first paths to be followed for those who want to obtain more profitability.

The use of appropriate tools and in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs are also part of the support needed for the company’s growth.

Understand the customer journey

The customer journey is the path taken by the consumer from the first contact with the brand or company until a purchase is made. This path consists of a few phases:

  • Learning and Discovery;
  • Problem recognition;
  • Solution consideration;
  • Buying decision.

To be successful on the journey, you must take a different approach to the customer until they move on to the next phase. And this continues until he arrives at the moment that every company wants: the sale.

To be part of the customer’s choice, it is necessary to be present at each of the stages. Therefore, it is important to have a well-defined strategy to understand the details of the customer journey.

Be present on social networks

A good strategy to obtain more profitability in business is to be present on social networks and share informative, interesting and fun content. This will make, at some point, users pay attention to the business during online access.

Hence the importance of always being active on social networks, always diversifying the posts about the business undertaken. The internet has revolutionized the way companies interact with the consumer public, so it is worth highlighting the brand in digital media to make a profit.

Invest in content marketing

More and more people are impacted by different brands, businesses and companies while online. Thanks to the digital age, success in disseminating content over the internet is within everyone’s reach.

That’s why investing in content marketing is important to gain brand awareness and leverage sales. A good marketing strategy is to define a target audience, create a virtual identity and, finally, develop interesting and updated content in search of consumers.

It is worth noting that the right choice of content must be relevant to the needs and desires of potential business customers. The production of content can range from an article, a blog or even a video posted on social networks.

Create online ads

Online ad creation has become essential for businesses that want to reach a larger, more targeted audience with a certain return. Although many companies are in favor of traditional marketing, making digital ads has become essential, as the world is becoming increasingly digital.

Online ads don’t require a lot of investment, which is ideal for any level of business. Knowing how to segment the ad in the right way, with a low investment it is possible to achieve satisfactory results in a shorter period of time.

With the increasing demand for online ads, the platforms to create, implement and analyze the return of these ads are diverse. From ads on search engines, websites and social networks, ad platforms are looking for ever greater diversification.

Hire a traffic manager

A safe way to invest on the internet is to hire a traffic manager. This type of professional is indispensable in digital marketing, as only the manager can indicate the necessary and effective actions to increase sales and adequate brand positioning for their ads.

The role of the traffic manager within a company is to think strategically about managing campaigns in order to generate more sales and increase engagement on social media.

Finally, it also manages the ad budget. In addition, every study carried out is made available in the form of periodic reports with a broad and detailed view of the results.

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