Discover what Sports Management is and Why it is the Career for you

Are you not sure what to study , but are you considering taking a Sports Management career? So don’t even think about it! Sports Management  is a super interesting profession,  very well paid and with attractive job opportunities. ?

Also, taking advantage of your love of sports is priceless. To help you make the leap, we will tell you better what Sports Management is,  how much a professional earns and where you can study, and we will give you more valuable information in this post. Read them!

What is the Sports Management career about ?

Can you live from the passion for sports? Hell yeah! ? Sports Management, one of the university courses of the future , is a field in the business world that encompasses several courses related to business, sports and recreation.

The Sports Management career is very versatile and offers very fun jobs . Sports Management allows you to represent people from the world of sports, organize sports events, manage institutions or work with different teams!

What does a Sports Manager do ?

Are you worried about being bored as an oyster or stagnating professionally? Well, that doesn’t happen studying Sports Management,  because you do a little of everything! Sports management degrees train you to work in different fields, see for yourself!

Technical titles and Bachelor’s degrees in Sports Management:

  • Sports financing.
  • Promotion of sporting events and teams.
  • Representation of sports institutions and teams.
  • Legal aspects of sports.
  • Management of sports brands.
  • Planning of sports events.
  • Ethics in sports.
  • Management of sports facilities.

Masters and Doctorates in Sports Management:

  • sports marketing  .
  • sports media.
  • Social aspects of sport.
  • sports sociology.
  • Analysis of consumer behavior.
  • sports-related economics.


In short, the sports management career is one of the best! ? In addition, studying  Sports Management gives excellent personal and professional benefits. Well, it has its downside, there’s no denying it, but let’s talk about it in detail.

Advantages of Studying  Sports Management

  • The sports industry has a lot of growth. Taking the sports management career, getting a job abroad is no problem.
  • Sports Management  allows you to follow your passion. Getting paid to work with your dream team or mentor famous players doesn’t sound bad at all.
  • The sports management career is very versatile. You have already seen that there are so many options for sports managers that you have plenty to choose from.
  • Travel around the world ! Your degree in  Sports Management  allows you to go from one place to another organizing events or running sports institutions.

Disadvantages of Studying  Sports Management

  • Sports  Management  is a stressful job . As a sports manager, the responsibility for everything going well rests on your shoulders.
  • Math, yuck! To work in the administrative part, you need to know how to do accounts and manage finances correctly.
  • Salaries vary a lot. Depending on the area you specialize in, you earn more or less money than other sports managers.
  • The hours are demanding. Do  sports managers have personal lives? Not always considering that they work several hours a day and some weekends.

What are the Functions of a Sports Manager? 

Sports Management, noun: a career for people who work and like to multitask ! Sports managers  work in different departments carrying out these and other functions to carry out projects and make them go as God intended.

  • Responsibilities with Human Resources. 

The sports management career trains you to hire and fire athletes, and negotiate contracts for your talents as well. ? On the other hand, at the university level, you work to recruit outstanding athletes by offering them attractive scholarships and benefits.

  • Management duties.

As a good Sports Management  professional  , you work side by side with coaches so that athletes have the resources they need.  In the academic field, your task is to direct and manage sports programs with a magnifying glass.

  • Budget planning.

When the season arrives, it’s up to you to plan the budget for your team or the sports institution you lead. ? For this, operating and travel expenses, and salaries are considered. You should even supervise the sale of tickets or merchandise.

  • Marketing  and promotions  management  .

In the realm of  marketing,  the sports management career is versatile. Depending on your experience, you organize press conferences, interviews, sporting events or campaigns. In other cases, you have to be a public relations officer or look for potential investors.

  • Tasks in other fields. 

Sports  Management  is not limited to the academic or sports field! Your manager title takes you to manage gyms and other health centers. ? It also allows you to work with communities by organizing clubs, athletic programs, and events.

What is the Profile of a  Sports Manager ?

Is  Sports Management  one of the top university careers ? Yes. Can anyone be a sports manager? Of course! The essential thing is to train very well, the various areas of the profession require you to have certain knowledge.

To work in campaigns and public relations, it is necessary to know about marketing. If we talk about finances… well, knowing how to use a calculator is not enough. ? Also, sports management career involves having these soft skills :

  • Communication: to work in the sports field, you need to be very persuasive when expressing your ideas. Also, writing like Gabriel García Márquez is not bad for you.
  • Honesty:  Be careful not to be rude! The idea is that you point out the mistakes that are being made politely and know how to recognize yours too.
  • Passion and initiative: to study Sports Management,  you seek to improve and learn new things. Oh, and he loves his job as much as Homer loves beer.
  • Teamwork and patience: you will have to work with coaches or sponsors who, many times, are a headache. Be tolerant!
  • Organization:  studying sports management career could drive you crazy if you are not organized. Remember that you must manage calendars or organize large events.
  • Humility:  that you are the best at what you do does not mean that you brag about it. Be humble, treat others with respect and let your work speak for you.

What Job Opportunities does Studying  Sports Management offer you? 

We may sound like parrots, but we can’t stop repeating that Sports Management  is a versatile career to study abroad ! That means that after you graduate, you have a wide range of well-paying job options! For example:

  • Professor of  Sports Management.
  • Digital Marketing Advisor .
  • Designer of sports advertising campaigns.
  • Sports events coordinator.
  • Director of sports facilities and institutions.
  • sports commissioners.
  • Contract negotiator for elite athletes.
  • Sales manager.
  • sports lawyer.
  • Sports agent, the  dream job  of sports lovers!

Any of these works is very good without a doubt. However, getting one or the other of these easy jobs depends on your education, as some vacancies require you to have a master’s degree or more specializations. ? Keep this in mind when making your resume !

How much does a  Sports Manager earn ?

Surely, this is the information that interests you the most and guess what: the sports management career is well paid! The average annual salary is approximately $35,000 to $42,000, although it is true that it varies depending on the job and your experience.

  • Sports event organizer:  approximately $52,000 per year.
  • Public relations officer in sports institutions: approximately $60,000 per year.
  • Director of sports programs in schools and universities: approximately $80,000 per year.
  • Sports Marketing  Specialist : Approximately $149,200 per year.
  • Director of professional teams:  approximately $200,000 per year.
  • Elite Sports Agents  – Earn millions depending on the athlete they represent!

Where to study  Sports Management ?

Have you already discovered that Sports Management  is the career for you? So say no more! Pack your suitcase, because you are going to study and work abroad ! We prepared a top 7 of the best universities to take a sports management career ?:

  1. University of Nicosia, Cyprus . His Bachelor of  Sports Management  focuses on the theory of sports and the challenges of the international business world.
  2. Southern New Hampshire University, United States . The academic program combines theory with practice in real sports settings.
  3. American International University Richmond, England . Here, they prepare you to be a trainer and gain knowledge about healthy eating .
  4. University of Applied Sciences, Germany . Depending on your interests, they offer specializations in  marketing,  public relations or management.
  5. University of the West of Scotland, Scotland . The school prepares you to develop and apply solutions to the most common problems in the sports industry.
  6. Teeside University, England . The  Sports Management  program is designed for students who want to specialize in Soccer Management.
  7. European University, Madrid. Here, you specialize in sports management with the Real Madrid Fútbol Club! Could you ask for more from life?

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