Discover 8 Careers related to Sports and Choose yours

Is sport your passion, so much so that you would like to make a living from it? Your parents don’t really like the idea? Don’t worry! Now you can show them this list of 8 sports related careers to convince them that you are on the right track. ?‍♂️

Learn a little more about them and discover why it is important to choose your career according to your vocation to work in what makes you happy . Take a look at these 8 sports-related races and get warmed up! ?

1. Nutrition and Dietetics

No pain no gain is a phrase that is said a lot. But there in the middle would be missing a ” no trash food “, because a healthy diet is crucial to maintain a perfect balance of well-being. This is where nutrition professionals enter the field .

Nutrition and Dietetics is one of the sports-related careers that focuses, as is evident, on the principles of human nutrition to improve the physical level and keep it optimal , both for athletes and for any individual. ??

Improving the physical level of any person depends fundamentally on a good diet. In sports this part is also considered very important to maintain optimal physical condition.

Labor Field

Upon graduation, some of the places where you can work as a nutritionist are:

  • Clinics
  • Entities of the public health sector
  • Sport clubs
  • Gyms
  • Private consultancies

Your main task will be to break the  myths of your patients’ diet, plan and supervise their diet, and solve problems related to nutrition. In this case, everything will be oriented to the best performance of professional athletes or those who aspire to be so.

Advantages of studying Nutrition

  • Being able to work as a freelancer with your own practice.
  • Work helping people.
  • Good economic remuneration.
  • Opportunity to specialize in your area.

Disadvantages of studying Nutrition

  • There is a lot of competition
  • It is usually an underrated career


2. Water Sports Instruction

Adventure and adrenaline may not be for everyone. If you envision yourself working in outdoor sports in the future , get ready to start one of the most exciting sports-related careers .

Being an instructor in water sports also implies choosing between several disciplines. However, in all of them it means living like a fish in water and, best of all, getting paid for it. You can specialize in the following water sports :

  • Swimming
  • Surf
  • Diving
  • Rafting
  • Navigation

And in each discipline you can target more specific criteria: children, adults, sea, river, pool, lakes, etc.

Labor Field

Yes, we already know that you will dedicate yourself to being in the water in its different presentations. However, in more practical terms, the places you can send your resume to after graduation are:

  • Sports associations
  • Gyms with swimming pool
  • Swimming clubs
  • Surf Schools
  • Nautical Clubs

Advantages of studying Water Sports

  • Impossible to get bored in your work
  • you always stay in shape
  • Wide job opportunities

Disadvantages of studying Water Sports

  • If you don’t like the cold and getting up early, it’s probably not your thing

3. Physical Education

If you are looking to delve deeper into aspects related to physical activity (physiological and psychological) and spread your knowledge, perhaps you should become a physical education teacher .

This is one of the quintessential sports-related races. Here you will learn everything about motor functions and how to apply them to sports activities.

Labor Field

This career is quite broad and covers deeper aspects related to sports, which opens up more possibilities for you to get involved in your professional field.

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Gyms
  • Private personal training
  • Sport clubs
  • Research projects

Advantages of studying Physical Education

  • You know more than just the sporty look
  • Favorite course of your students
  • Your work helps reduce your own stress and that of others

Disadvantages of studying Physical Education

  • You may have a lot of competition in the job market

4. Professional Soccer

Needless to say , soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world . ⚽ It was probably your childhood fantasy to be a football star. And, of course, that it is possible to make a career in it.

The main requirement is to love football, of course. But also practicing from a young age and belonging to a sports team as a base. After you turn 18, there are different ways to get started in the major leagues:

  • Signing: Football ‘scouts’ are at major clubs looking at those who have the potential to become a professional footballer.
  • Application: On the websites of different clubs you can fill out a form to pass the admission tests.
  • Sports clubs and associations: Many associations have agreements to transfer talented boys and girls to training to become professionals in the “king sport”.

Labor Field

Your main field of work is the pitch, of course. But within professional football there are also other careers related to the favorite sport of the masses such as:

  • Coach
  • Physiotherapist
  • Referee

Advantages of Professional Soccer

  • You love what you like, and the others too
  • Your health status is always controlled by experts
  • In the major leagues the pay is very good

Disadvantages of Professional Soccer

  • You expose yourself to injuries and trauma.
  • There is a lot, but a lot of competition.
  • Fame and pressure can be a little hard to handle
  • As a footballer, your career ends at an early age.

5. Sports Journalism

Among sports-related careers, sports journalism is one of the most interesting alternatives for those whose passions are communication and physical activity .

Imagine being paid to watch the games and comment on them. In addition, your job will be to be aware of everything related to the sports world and, in the best of cases, interview your idols from soccer , basketball, formula 1, surfing and everything that comes to mind.

Currently, many schools and faculties of Communication Sciences have the sports branch as their orientation. In this case, the theoretical base is journalism to then specialize in sports .

Labor Field

Being a basically communicative career, you share the field with other branches of this profession. For example:

  • Written means
  • Digital media
  • TV channels
  • Sports club press area

Advantages of becoming a sports journalist

  • Your job is to know everything about the sport
  • Your base in communication allows you to practice in other areas
  • The race stimulates you to learn more about sports
  • Possibility of making many contacts in the sports world

Disadvantages of becoming a sports journalist

  • It is not enough that you only like sports
  • Complex job placement depending on your country

6. Sports Management

Similar to sports journalism, Sports Management is one of the careers related to sports, but based on administration.

Graduating from this career will give you the necessary knowledge and tools to organize and manage sports and recreational activities . In addition, you can follow this profession even in a postgraduate or diploma course.

Labor Field

  • Open your gym or chain of gyms
  • Consulting and research projects
  • Sports federations
  • Recreational associations
  • Public entities
  • Commission for the organization of international tournaments

Advantages of graduating in Sports Management

  • You can exercise Management in other areas
  • Wide job opportunities
  • Possibility of forming very ambitious sports projects
  • New vision of the sports industry

Disadvantages of graduating in Sports Management

  • Lots of competition right now

7. Yoga and Fitness Teacher Training

Namaste. Yoga has now become a very effective resource to balance mind and body. More than a fad, it is a philosophy of life and teaching this practice can be your profession.

You can find schools around the world that currently offer courses to become a yoga and meditation instructor . It is not just about knowing techniques, positions and putting them into practice. The knowledge is much deeper.

Labor Field

  • Gyms
  • Sports and recreation clubs
  • Specialized meditation schools
  • Teaching
  • Your own teaching space

Advantages of studying Yoga

  • Lots of job opportunities
  • short courses

Disadvantages of studying Yoga

  • Competition is fierce at the moment

8. Instruction in Extreme Sports

If adrenaline is essential in your life, you should know that you can capitalize on that “vice” and live on it while you spread your techniques. Becoming an extreme sports guide may be your dream career .

The extreme disciplines that you can choose to specialize in, in one of the most exciting sports-related careers, are:

  • Mountain climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Snowboarding and winter sports
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skydiving

labor Field

  • Create your own sports school
  • Sports associations
  • Clubs
  • Independent teaching

Advantages of becoming an Extreme Sports Guide

  • Every working day is an adventure
  • Flexible schedule
  • Outdoor activity
  • Good pay

Disadvantages of becoming an Extreme Sports Guide

  • Depends a lot on the weather
  • Only suitable for adventurers

If with these sports-related careers you have already decided to follow this path for your professional future, our mission is accomplished! Nothing better than living what makes you happy.

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