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Have they told you that you will not get far for wanting to study careers that have to do with drawing? Well, they lied to you! ❌ With the right training, perseverance, and a lot of creativity, you can go as far in your career path as you want.

Developing your artistic skills has many advantages. Digital art is having a tremendous boom today and experts estimate that its influence in the world will double. In other words, it is time to study art careers !

Although there are many options, we have chosen 8 careers related to drawing that will allow you to explore your creativity, receive a good salary and find work in various countries around the world. Get to know them and find the one that inspires you to do fantastic things! ?

1. Graphic Design

Studying graphic design is the perfect combination of manual and digital art . If you are looking for careers that have to do with drawing, this is the most innovative option, since it is about communicating abstract concepts through images.

For starters, you can take some online graphic design courses . And then you can work in corporate, advertising, web, editorial, multimedia and information design. Its main function is to be in charge of controlling the image of a company . ?

For this reason, the graphic design study program is based on artistic subjects such as ancient art . ? Although there are also subjects on social psychology to understand the profiles of those who will be the consumers of your art.

Advantages of studying graphic design

  • You have the option of working for a company or working on your own as a freelancer .
  • There are numerous graphic design programs that are updated regularly to make it easier for you to work and take advantage of your knowledge.
  • Having a team, creativity and some knowledge, you can carry out your first projects without having previous experience.
  • Whether you’re on a fixed income or doing commissioned projects, you can earn well, as graphic design is one of the highest paying art careers.

Disadvantages of studying graphic design

  • You may run into clients who have no idea what a ‘high logo’ or a ‘jpeg’ is and want you to work with what they sent you in Word.
  • There are clients who ask for the work to be modified many times and this is exasperating. ?
  • You may have to leave your original idea behind and conform to someone else’s if you are just starting out in this world.

2. Digital Animation

If we talk about careers that have to do with drawing, digital animation is one of the most fun and creative. It consists of elaborating, modeling and giving movement to images in 2D or 3D format using specialized software. ?

In addition, a graduate in digital animation is responsible for designing CGI scenarios, making short films and participating in audiovisual productions. For example, you could make a movie about video games !

In this race you will be able to see lighting and digital composition, scripts for media, audiovisual narrative and more! For this reason, it is one of the careers related to drawing and creativity where you will have a wide field of work.

Advantages of being a digital animator

  • In the last semesters, you will have the option to choose between cinema, visual arts, video games, mixed realities or visual development.
  • This is a specialized profession, so the salary is above average, even for recent graduates. ?
  • It is the perfect career for those who want to move to another country because, anywhere in the world, they will find a job.

Disadvantages of being a digital animator

  • You must study mathematics, physics and geometry, since they are essential when creating and modeling characters.
  • If you don’t stay informed about the latest technology, you won’t stand out and you won’t get a good job.
  • Studying digital animation can be expensive. For example, you will have to buy licenses for programs specialized in animation.

3. Fine Arts

The Fine Arts deals with the study of cultural and artistic currents . Therefore, it focuses on music, dance, sculpture, plastic arts and literature, and seeks to make the most of the professional’s creative potential. ?‍?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is capable of restoring historical and artistic heritage , designing exhibitions and making plastic art. So, if you are looking for careers that have to do with drawing and history, this is your chance to stand out.

Advantages of studying Fine Arts

  • The disciplines that interact in the race are very broad, each project will be something new. Therefore, it is almost impossible to fall into monotony.
  • You will be able to learn about philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology and semiotics.
  • In this career, you have the opportunity to learn about the history of humanity through outstanding artistic expressions. ?
  • Studying arts will allow you to bring out your inner genius and take advantage of every moment to improve.

Disadvantages of studying Fine Arts

  • Studying is only a matter of days, but becoming a recognized artist can take years.
  • A large part of the universities that offer this degree are private, so you will have to make a considerable investment.
  • Seeing that your talent is not valued as much can cause gray days, so you must develop a strong self- confidence .

4. Architecture

If you are planning to study one of the careers that have to do with drawing and construction as well, architecture is your thing. This career is, in essence, the technique and art of designing buildings, physical spaces and structures. ?

Architecture integrates knowledge of drawing, art, engineering, urban planning, landscaping and more. This career teaches you to create spaces, optimizing resources and seeking the benefit of those who will inhabit it.

Advantages of studying architecture

  • You can develop as a designer, restorer of monuments or urban designer.
  • Work will not be lacking, since there is something to build, modify or restore almost always.
  • Your works will prevail in time. You can be recognized and immortalized, even for leaving your mark on architecture.
  • If your dream is to study abroad , this is your chance. In general, architecture careers have agreements with other countries to study semesters and make academic trips.

Disadvantages of studying architecture

  • Calculations, drawings, reading and making models will keep you awake at night.
  • Thanks to the fact that there are many outstanding professionals, getting a job can be complicated, but it is not impossible!
  • Drawing instruments are expensive. In addition, you will have to pay for printing and materials for the models.

5. Fashion Design

This career is about creating, designing and making clothing . Therefore, if you are looking for careers that have to do with drawing and fashion, do not think twice and sign up for textile design!

The fashion designer must have good taste in clothing. ? In addition, he has to stay informed of new trends and become a trendsetter to conquer the market.

Some of the subjects of this career are clothing design, clothing and accessories. It is a broad study area that is responsible for the design of outfits from head to toe. ?

Advantages of studying fashion design

  • This career gives you the opportunity to express your style, be it classic, vintage , sophisticated or romantic. Also, if you are an environmentalist, you can promote sustainable fashion . ♻
  • You can work as a costume designer or image consultant in the world of entertainment.
  • If you put your mind to it, you can be independent and create your own brand. All profits will be yours!
  • Fashion design is one of the highest paying art careers.
  • Since it is based on creativity, this profession allows you to be inspired to do new things every time.

Disadvantages of studying fashion design

  • This career is not very common, so finding a university that offers it is difficult.
  • Finding your bearings may take a little time, but always follow your instincts.

6. Interior Design

Do you want to study one of the careers that have to do with drawing to create incredible and comfortable spaces? Well, interior design is for you, since it consists of devising the distribution and decoration of houses, institutions, companies and other spaces . ?

In addition to good taste, you must take into account 3 characteristics: comfort, functionality and aesthetics. So you must choose colors, equipment, furniture, textures, shapes and other tools that help you fulfill these characteristics.

Advantages of studying interior design

  • It is among the university majors of the future . Currently, it is booming and job offers are increasing non-stop. ✅
  • In this area, you are more likely to be successful working on your own and build a professional portfolio to captivate more clients.
  • This profession allows you to meet new people, deal with clients, decorate green hotels, and even travel the world .

Disadvantages of studying interior design

  • You must be careful when choosing the institution where you study, there are many of low quality or that grant unrecognized degrees.
  • Your clients are likely to have a limited budget, so designing with few resources can be difficult.

7. Industrial Design

Industrial design is one of the careers that have to do with drawing that focuses on creating and developing new objects and products. All this using your creativity and your instinct to do practical things. ?‍♂️

Projects are carried out by analyzing people’s needs and thinking about how to satisfy them. Once you have devised the solution, you must translate it into a sketch. However, you must take into account certain aspects.

Among them, the economy, aesthetics and marketing options. And you have to demonstrate the usefulness of your product and convince people to buy it.

Advantages of studying industrial design

  • It is a profession of great labor and academic recognition.
  • The knowledge you will gain will allow you to work in many sectors of the industry.
  • A successful product of your authorship can guarantee you prestige and fame.

Disadvantages of studying industrial design

  • It is a long and complicated race that demands a lot of time and effort.
  • You must not only create what you imagine, so you will not only use art. You have to design functional and competitive objects in the market, remember that!

8. Video Game Programming

Do you think it is impossible to find careers that have to do with drawing and gaming? Mistake! Video game design combines these 2 passions and fuses them with various disciplines related to computer science. ?

Contrary to what many think, this career is more than programming language and algorithms . Art plays an important role, since the aesthetic and narrative sense give style and history to the product.

Advantages of being a video game programmer

  • It is a career with great growth thanks to technological advances.
  • Salaries are very good. ?
  • More and more video games are being designed, so there are many vacancies in large companies.

Disadvantages of being a video game programmer

  • You have to study physics and mathematics.
  • There is a lot of competition, so getting a job can be difficult.
  • If you decide to work on your own, it may be difficult for you to achieve economic stability.

Perfect, you already know which career is drawn and you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of each one. So, start thinking about what you are going to study! What we recommend is that you be passionate so that your daily work fills you with satisfaction.

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